Season 1: The Seven Seals of Rokugan

Episode 1: The Lonely Girl in the Woods (May)

After our heroes' introductions to life as Amaranth Magistrates in the heart of the Empire, Otosan Uchi, their first tasks is to hear the petitions of citizens of Rokugan. Tales of greedy neighbors, broken deals, missing animals and wicked thugs are common place in these sorts of situations. So one old scorpion woman's tale of a monster in Shinomen Mori murdering men and stealing young women certainly stands out among the crowd….


Episode 2: The House of Endless Delights (June)

After returning successful from the last mission, our young Magistrates take a few days to relax and enjoy their conquest. It is short lived, however, when word is sent to Mimiko from her soon to be husband. He is loath to bring shame upon his clan, but his men seem enamored of a tea house in the Yusuki lands that offers all that one could desire, but he is sure there is more to the story.

Episode 3: The Tournament of Jade (July)

It is now late summer, and the season is upon the empire once again. It is time for the Jade Championship. This year, the prestigious event will be held in the Dragon Clan Mountains. And one our impressive hero's has earned himself an invitation to the event. Will he emerge victorious?

Episode 4: The Lily of the Lake

Souske receives word of impending happiness… He is to be wed. To a young Doji girl, Natsumi. As the group travels to the Champion's stronghold to collect the yearly taxes, and so that Souske can meet his future bride and in-laws, they look forward to spending time in the beautiful gardens of the crane. But will they find more than they bargained for?

Episode 5: Killing Time in a Bottle (August)

The empire is even more on edge, as word of darkness and evil that is sweeping the land spreads among the populace. Borders tighten, as fear of the outside world once again strikes the heart of the nation. Whispers of a coming war begin to stir and old hatreds are rising up as the clans turn their suspicions on each other.

Amid this turmoil, the Kanto or Lantern Festival is taking place. Citzens across Rokugan will gather in the streets with lanterns both attached to poles and floating in the air. This is the perfect opportunity to explore the gift Hanzo received at the Jade Tournament…


Season 1: The Seven Seals of Rokugan

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